Monday, 15 August 2016

How to Search For Specific Posts Inside Google Plus

Do you have a lot of Google plus followers in your circles and are you finding it difficult to search for posts of your interests. Here is a little Google plus tutorial to help you out in the same. But prior to that, please read my post on how to plan and manage your circles as that would surely help you in keeping things arranged and searchable. But if your individual circles are still very large then it might be a tough ask to search through the whole stream for posts of your interests. Google had earlier announced their plans to include the ability to search within your stream and the good news is that they have enabled it now. To search for a specific post inside your stream and updates from your circles, you can use the Google+ search box as displayed in the image below. You will be provided with suggestions of users at first as can be seen below.

I had searched a generic name Obama as that can be a title as well as related to a lot of news. A lot of fake profiles seem to creep up which would be probably be deleted by Google+ very soon keeping in line their real name policy. But when you press enter after entering the search keyword of your interest (in this example “obama”), then you will be provided a list of various results inside Google+ related to the keyword as displayed below.

By default it would show up everything on Google+ related to the keyword but you can also filter by “People” for Google+ users, Google+ posts and Sparks for news related to the keyword. In addition to that, the search feature also allows you to choose the “best of” or “recent” updates in that section. In the following example, I have filtered out the most recent sparks/news related to the keyword “obama” but you can try any other variation of your choice based on your interest.

You can then save your search tool for quick access. Once you have saved the search, you will see a small search mirror icon on the left sidebar with the search keyword for quick access as displayed in the image below.

If you decide to remove the saved search later on, then just click on the cross sign beside the keyword on the sidebar. So, if you feel that your stream is too large to manage then just use the search feature from now on to filter out interesting posts from within Google+ stream. This is another very useful feature and a great time saver for sure

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